Our Product

A.I. Square Connect has developed an optimization software to analyse data in large dimension, and find the best solution based on a specific / given problem to optimize.


"Matrix" is a machine learning platform with latest technology in terms of
reinforcement learning, optimization algorithms,
hidden markov model, prediction tools
like Kalman and particles filter

It allows optimizing in high dimension for discrete variables
and hyper-parameters to power brain-like analytic system.
It is an end-to-end solution for data scientists to leverage machine learning
technology helping you to explore data and gain insights.

We provide products and services to assist you in ingesting big data,
extract features, building models and visualizing contents. Our product is
easy to use and intuitive enabling you to configure and tune critical parameters.

For advanced configuration and customization, we offer professional services to ensure
you have the most optimum and relevant
machine learning model running in your environment.