Empower with A.I.

Computers are able to overperform human intelligence in many fields. This trend will continue and grow. We are here to help asset managers and leverage their decision process with A.I. and advanced learning.



People are overwhelmed by data coming from many different sources. The same applies to asset managers, who must integrate more and more information into their management decisions, including price data, technical analysis, market information… Mere humans alone cannot handle these millions of signals at the same time. Asset managers are left with too many parameters to digest in order to make the right decisions in real time based on his own strategies.
On the flip side, new technologies are becoming more and more efficient. New optimisation methods based on artificial intelligence make it possible to efficiently manage these data and understand their impact on the market in order to design robust investment strategies.
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Our Story


Ai Square connect story started in 2015 with the creation of a fully front-to-back trading platform to develop systematic investment strategies. One of the founders, Eric Benhamou, applied machine learning techniques in finance to improve the investment process. These techniques include cutting-edge optimisation methods and supervised learning.
RCube AM, a French Asset Manager, is using our software to commercialise Ai for Capital, the investment program developed by our platform. We have been investing our own capital in the program since 2018. The program has been open to external investors since September 2019.
Based on the interest from asset managers to access our technology, we started opening our platform to external asset managers to help them design and execute their own strategies.
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EIT digital
Ai Square Connect received funding from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).
EIT is a body of the European Union and receives support from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Finance Innovation
Ai Square Connect receives the Fintech Label by Finance Innovation on June 2020

RCube Asset Management
Ai Square Connect created the program Ai for Capital for RCube AM on June 2019


Ai Square Connect collaborates with LISIC - ULCO with the PhD program of David Saltiel on February 2019

LAMSADE Dauphine LAMSADE Dauphine

Ai Square Connect collaborates with LAMSADE - Dauphine PSL with the PhD program of Eric Benhamou on October 2018

Ai Square Connect was accepted at Agoranov on January 2018